Remember when I told you this project for local Music Theatre is rather small?… BOY WAS I WRONG!

So we went to check premiere of the concert we worked on and … I mean … for the first time in almost 20 years of work I truly felt it, like deep inside!

Second project for the Music Theatre is already in the works, can’t wait to see it live and can’t wait for the next one! This is rare type of commercial work I really enjoy!

Doesn’t mean there will be no personal work, here is the new one: CANDLE


Hard to believe, but I’m slowly getting back to commercial work, this time in collaboration with my favourite painter, working for our local Music Theatre. Top 5 in Russia, mind you )) Relatively small but exciting project, we’ll see where it takes us. This is one of those collaborations I would really like to work long term, because when our business launches full scale, this is the only other type of commercial work I’m comfortable doing and it is necessary part of balancing process.

Business, huh? Yep! In the works. Parallel with art, parallel with commercial work, but everything of course is interconnected.

Got the flu. Annoying but rather small fish in our sea. Had to move dentist appointment. Bummer, but I’ll live )

Oh, here is new quicky for you: SMILE


My dental adventure went really well considering one of my teeth merged with the bone. To be continued …

2024 so far still feels strange, but really promising! Clearer.

This part is for Russian speaking crowd: Наконец-то урвал момент и запилил из своих дебильных фраз про зверей не менее дебильный набор стикеров для Телеги. Брать тут, называется:

Кто Что Звери


Let’s start 24 with new work: Kiss OF Mindreader 2

24 feels different, it’s like there is ton of new info downloading in your head and you can’t make sense of it. Let’s give it some time!

Going to start my new dental adventure today, not very exciting but it has to be done.


23 was interesting … never did so much, never showcased so little!

The best part is: I know myself a bit better now, it helps to live life properly.

Happy new year, enjoy life and create instead of destroying, this is what you’re here for!


Twin Peaks ROCKS!

We didn’t go to Prosvet after all, decided not to work with government just yet, but will probably try ourselves in business instead. Making some steps towards this direction.

Processing is such a darling, interactive art is my new passion!

Dragon’s Dogma turned out to be great! Enjoying it a lot!

After couple of years on the shelf my idea about clothes killing people finally made it to the film, please welcome: YELLOW


My god, where to start?

Cursor is briefly back in new quickie, called KNIVES

New video is up, called LUJI

Ok so Prosvet happened. 15k people in Khabarovsk, old airport terminal in 2 evenings? That’s insane! So happy we made it there, was worth all the trouble.

Went to Komsomolsk for 3 days for some team building, also to close one expo and open up another one, both in Metamorphose, cool local modern art gallery. Featured on local tv as well! Nice city, very cute, something I did not expect. Also a bit colder than Khabarovsk, although it’s so snowy back home it’s almost hard to believe! 

Automatic pet feeder I made in Arduino worked really well, although it’s already broken, hacked by cats.

Managed to fall in love and back with Dark Souls. Can totally see where the cult status came from.

We finally figured out how to properly photoshoot paintings. Yay!!

Right now we’re gearing up for Prosvet in Perm, in December. Going to be huge!! 

Next Monday going to check abandoned factory that can potentially be either our next exhibition venue or headquarters. Either way that’d be really great!


Yet again the best feature we ever had happened thanks to local TV, quality of the craft and passion for the subject is second to none! Thank you guys, you are objectively the best!

Paris feature didn’t work out, good thing we never sent real paintings there. It’s not like they’d appreciate it anyway. As it often happens, Paris was immediately replaced with something even better, Просвет festival, massive futuristic showcase of art and technology! First it will take place in our city in 2 days, and later this year in Perm, Russia. Both fusion of paintings with motion graphics and our new interactive stuff.


This gif is perfect for my news update:

As you can see I did play a bit with OpenCV, crazy powerful thing, will definitely use it in our interactive projects.

As you can also see there are some holes on my face, 10 in total. Went ahead and surgically removed some stuff that bothered me for ages. Now I’m not allowed to go outside for a few days, but it was worth it and it’s already healed a lot. Yeah, looked much scarier at first!

Commercial project for a friend is almost over, didn’t go very well, good reminder of why I must stay away from commercial work.


Awakers Vol2 Trailer is out!!! Hopefully it’s up to the book’s standards.

Have to go back to SOME commercial work, but it’s due to dear friend’s request so it’s the right thing to do. Will only take 2 weeks so should be doable.

Planning 3 more offline exhibitions this year with Molecule, and I really want to look deeper into OpenCV library, that’d be really useful for us in near future, but can’t really promise myself that now, trying to avoid unnecessary overloads.


Just finished new project and our first together Molecule event, it became real after we saw the story about it on TV. Of course it makes a lot more sense to do it this way instead of just posting work online, but it takes a lot of effort. Still it’s absolutely doable and totally worth it! So, there will be no new work today, sorry, only offline screening so far.

Molecule b-day is today, so yay and yay!!! Amount of new stuff piling up so quick we can barely keep up. Trying to get our stuff screened in Paris, shipping artworks in galleries locally and globally, working with great curators, stuff is happening!

Got proposition to take one of lead roles in new teaching/production facility, pretty massive one, great opportunity to widen the horizons.

Animur 2023 is approaching rapidly, some of our works are already in, yay!

Planning to finish new work in 2 days, no idea when and how it will be screened.


Perfect moment to breathe out, before breathing in again. Yesterday was first public presentation featuring my work for Molecule, went really well! Tomorrow is the day the future starts! And it’s going to be big!

But today is just my lazy day, so please check out our new video: Promolecule

Sorry for radio silence, do check back my Instagram ( for more frequent updates.


With commercial work out of the way, made some crazy amount of animation in last 2 months. Can’t wait to share, but all in good time!

Meanwhile, painted a trailer for my beloved Awakers


Yay!!! Today is the beginning of a new era: I’m an artist at wonderful Molecule

Can’t think of better way to jump start new year!

Next stop: Top of the World!


New level of pointless and weird, please welcome my new work: Good Day

Yesterday would be the day I developed an official allergy for commercial work. What a loss for bourgeois world, haha! Maybe it’s temporary, idk?

Also I really don’t know what’s going on with fonts on my website and how to fix it, so I’ll just wait until the problem fixes itself. Worked with our toilet, so why not?


Ok so … 22? It was bad before, but we somehow pushed it further, huh? Well… it was an awful year, indeed, overall and objectively, but some of it was so amazing I just can’t help but be thankful!

Let’s hope 23 will give planet a chance to heal the wounds and come to the right mind. Art will be there to help.


Just finished another color-fur collaboration with Rokoteska! Please welcome: TouchyZoo!

See if you can figure out rules of this game, haha


Getting back on my feet, working on some new Tetris-like game for Rokoteska, just finished gameplay TRAILER for RUBAKA


Got myself crazy flu second time this year, but I’ll live.

Finished great collaboration with Art Molecule and Husky Dance, check the project page HERE


Slowly but surely RUBAKA is shaping up! It will probably be updated later, but it’s already playable, so please do check it out!


Industry is down, neural networks are up, thinking about maybe switching to CEL animation completely. Gearing up!

Oh here is my new work, it’s about what else you can do with the lines.


Partial mobilisation is officially over (for now), I’m officially still here, but who knows for how long? So let’s waste no time and do as much stuff as possible! Here is my new work called “4”

Tried to get back into math to understand neural networks better, it was a bit of a bitter reality check, math is not my thing, but it was partially fun so no time wasted!

Oh btw, my wife taught me how to knit.


Animur festival is over. Went great!

Also check: POW, my new work, most controversial over the years.


Got to of my works accepted to Animur!

Event starts 30th of September and lasts for 3 days.


Please check out my latest collaboration with local branding agency Husky Dance: an opener for Animur animation festival. It was quite a ride!

Also just finished another experiment called Dots (pardon the creativity) .


Best feature I ever had happened in my hometown of Khabarovsk, on local TV. This isn’t new, but deserves bumping up!

Speaking of hometown, almost finished animating Opener for a locally hosted international animation festival. Also submitted some of my works there. Stay tuned for updates on this one.

Last but absolutely not least: working on new game, working title is “Rubaka” (“Chopper”). Going really well!


When deadline pushed from 5 to 1.5 months you’ll be like …

Anyhow … we made it! The project is almost finished, client is happy, I’m happy and we finally figured out the way for me to get paid in civilised manner. Hard work pays off!

Started new personal project, stay tuned for updates!


Promised myself to try Blender out. And I did! It’s unbelievable how good it is, try it for yourself, start with famous Donut tutorial.

Here is what I came up with: Meditate Of The State


Got myself used Fujifilm X10. What a beauty! If only smartphone designers were as gifted and as brave. Great candidate for travel camera, this of course if we ever going to travel again. I hope we will …

Got together with my old friends to discuss new business opportunities. Let’s see how it goes.

Oh and please go check my new experiment: DeGrass


New (actually very old) lens just arrived, no better way to re-launch one’s interest in photography. Playing wonderful Rogue Legacy 2 (and Ready Freddie of course). Started new personal project, planning to use it to learn Blender.

Oh and programmed some Bubbles, please do check! Very relaxing. Pop with tap, swipe to deploy new bubbles and control flow of a wind.


Ready Freddie is ready! Click on a cat to play. Should be playable on everything, no installation is needed.

Game is hard, but you feel good when another level is finished.

Progress will be saved between sessions or so I hope ))


Despite the fact I still can’t figure out how to get paid across the border (“thanks” to all sanctions) HUGE new energy related project just started. Things are going really well!

Also got myself plenty of art related plans, don’t know where to start!


Social network detox continues. Time has come to wave Behance goodbye! To be honest it was hypocritical ride all along so joke’s on me! Planned to keep it for memory’s sake, but, you know, just went ahead and deleted it. Percept it as a statement, art in purest form!

Meanwhile Ready Freddie Episode One is finished! 100% free to play. You can add it as application to your phone via “Share” button.


Deleted Instagram from my phone. End of an era!

TED called, wanted to screen Sketches, but failed due to technical problems. Ok, happens.

Btw, you can already try demo of my new game, it’s called Ready Freddie


Adobe has left the building. Good riddance!

It’s this time of year I want to make computer games again. Went with GODOT engine this time. What a wonderful piece of technology! Not planning anything as big as last year’s games, but, you know, still hoping to finish something. Will keep you posted!


Started as fun project, ended up as official music video one one of my favourite songs ever for one of my favourite bands ever. Please welcome a bit of an auto portrait, ballad of the last workaholic on the planet: Rabbit Junk – Relentless


I got flu right after my dental surgery. Never ever I felt so sick in my life! Going to need some time to start trusting dentists again. On the plus side, my doctor called me special … because of abnormality discovered during the surgery.


Despite of coronavirus, NFTs and scam callers rise, 2021 was awesome! I made 3 computer games, got featured on TV, in Paris and on Motionographer. Made 6 personal projects. My wife published Awakers, her first book. Made insane amount of commercial work thanks to new schedule and good planning. It was also pretty great music year. And a lot of new and old game discoveries. Let’s replace 2021 nonsense with more sense in 2022!


Omicron Nu Epsilon is a great song!

Nu Epsilon is my new work.

Omicron … is in a quantum state of sorts, can be disaster as well as salvation, we’ll see.

On a side note I bought M1 Pro. Despite being mixed bag was well worth it!


Monstrous M1 Pro and M1 Max processors are out, so are the reviews. Identical and completely useless reviews. Waiting for more info to make a move.

Started new project with Yandex, turned out to be impossible task. Happens.

Working on new personal stuff, at this point no idea if it is going to work at all. But it’s all about the process, so the outcome is secondary.


The biggest one yet: AWAKERS are live! Marked the day!

Met with amazing Gorko Venko himself(!!!), very very inspiring stuff! Collaboration is in the works, so stay tuned!

But this is not what this gif is about, is it? I freelanced for how long now? About 10 years or so? And only 2 days ago I realised I can work HALF of day and still get stuff done. Man that’s liberating, can’t believe took me that long to finally organise my work day properly. Kicking myself so hard right now …


“The Heat” got featured on Motionographer, what a day! Meanwhile the huge commercial project I mentioned earlier is up to very slow start, so I’m tasting digital oil in my free time. Tastes great! If all goes well I will open new section on featuring my digital oil pictures.


Out of the blue huge commercial project appeared and is about to start. The project so huge in fact, I have to take a 3 months break from my experimental stuff. This is why I decided to release Sketches DVA now, so it’s a lot earlier than planned. What can I say, it was fruitful August! Oh, and we finished with gigantic water melon, called him Anatole.


View are dropping on all platforms. This can only mean people got better stuff to look at, and I’m good with it! I wish I knew where this stuff is.

Got plenty of ideas on what’s next in art, got no ideas on what’s next in commercial. So … the usual!


2 victories, both are not mine. Instagram ai won and squeezed me off the platform. Good riddance! So I moved to Telegram (UPD: got bored of it in 2 weeks) Unbearable heat won and I had to release new work named The Heat.


Khabarovsk in Paris: Braw Haus EP7 FULL SET video

On a side note, my new game called CandleHammer is almost finished. Stay tuned!


If you happen to be in Paris soon please do check Braw Haus EP7 exposition!


Released 3 new games! More in the works. Playing my free game is great way to spend time, buying my paid game is also great way to support my work.


Got vaccinated! Felt like a heavy flu for about a day, it’s a small price to pay if you ask me.

Got a bit trapped under sudden tide of commercial work, but hopefully sometime soon I will finish and release Zmya and Kotaki games on iOS and Android.

Got some animations planned as well, stay tuned!


New chapter in history: finally moved to WordPress! To celebrate the occasion please go ahead and grab free copy of my book over there.

Goodbye Adobe Muse, another piece of amazing software killed for no good reason.


Zmya got me accepted to Nintendo Switch developer program, but due to Russian customs I can’t get devkit.

Cheers, customs, fighting a good fight here, are we?


One line newsfeed:
Zmya is almost ready, working on some other games big and small, got myself short off-Instagram vacation to hear my thoughts better and … we have a new shit rush! I meant gold rush of course. Not a scam, not a cash grab, sure sure.


Re-imagining my art in real time. Let’s see how it goes!


There is stuff in 2020 I’m grateful for, so let’s fill 2021 with more of that stuff!


4 days of suspense, my head is spinning!


Album of the year goes to Xenospheres by Rabbit Junk!


For almost a year we had a pleasure to work with Huawei. People hated the fact I work for “corporation of evil” but ironically Huawei gave us way more creative freedom than any other client. It was one heck of a ride, let’s do it again sometime soon!


Arm Mac is official. I’m excited to see an Apple product. Can’t remember last time.


2020 is not going to stop anytime soon. Our governor was arrested and accused of murder. People went to protest and now our small city featured on news feeds all over the world.

I also ditched Vimeo Plus because I have reasons to believe it’s politically biased. You know who else politically biased? My fucking instagram followers. Who knew they’d hate me for posting work for Huawei. Well, their loss.


I was going to publish the book and become filthy rich, but where is the sport in it? So instead it will be available for free and printable in form of posters or smaller formats to all who is interested.


Self-isolation is a new thing. No one knows when will it end so start watching Santa Barbara hoping quarantine will end before you finished watching it.


Corona virus is screwing with the world right now. I hope it will get better soon.


Somehow my Instagram mask Facecraft got 10 000 000 impressions.

This is jaw dropping start of the year!


Let’s have less pain but way more gain in 2020 along with some extra zeros all in the right place!

HNY everyone!!!


Cooking illustrations, almost ready!


It happened! My work is properly displayed in Khabarovsk (my hometown) for the first time ever!
Huge props to Artservatory!


Ok writing a book is not easy


Buried deep under new projects (and loving it!) got a pleasant surprise: Cursor Is Back got Vimeo Staff Pick!!!


Got myself new medium: instagram masks. You can try em out


First time in months commercial project I’m working on is more interesting than personal work. Got to be a sign of things to change.

Also just finished Cursor Is Back piece, please have a look. This is probably the last video in that mixed VFX style, so stay tuned for what is next!


Working on some fresh stuff, searching for new media. Meanwhile the weather is acting strange, swimming in our own sweat one day, sleeping under winter blanket the next day. Fun!


Got myself Fujifilm X-T30, M39 and M42 adapter and small bag of vintage USSR lenses. Officially obsessed!


I’m grateful to Sony for introducing me to the world of VR. But PSVR helmet as well as most Sony products are not built to last. This particular solution was in my opinion the very bottom of engineering. As expected in 2 years this mess of a wires and connectors and internal drift was so painful to use one day I had to put it down to rest. Violently.

Cant’ wait for the summer when the new generations of VR is introduced. It will not be Sony this time.


After almost 10 years break I decided to move back to Windows. Until Apple and Nvidia are back to friendship things will stat that way.


2018 was hard as nut, but truly awesome! Let’s make 2019 even better!


“Portals” got best of the month medal on Vimeo, it’s a definite yay!! On a side note, this company you all probably heard of was Apple. Kindly offered to move to California. Had to decline mainly because of lack of proper winter despite all my love to The OC TV series and Apple in general.


My latest work “Portals” just got Staff Pick on Vimeo! It’s a definite Yay!!

Also I just received an intriguing e-mail from one nice company you all probably heard of, let’s hope it’s a start of something great! Will keep you posted.


50K followers on Instagram! Thank you so much guys!



My Insta ( ) just got a whole lot bigger. Let’s make something good out of it!


Kick scooter is my new passion. Riding, watching E3, playing GT Sport, grilling stuff. Enjoying pause between projects.


This year’s flu is so nasty I won’t
even animate the sneezing part.


RKN Russia almost broke
the Internet fighting against
the Telegram


I’m so lucky my Valentine is into
gaming as much as I do!
Happy V-day!


Ok I have to admit, PSVR was not
a total waste of money,
kinda loving it so far


Tried videoblogging. It was very
fun for a short while.


Finished my first sketchbook just in time for Christmas!

Click the fox!


I have a feeling 2@18 will be
a year to remember, hopefully
in a good way!


“All the things I’ll never see …”

                       Howard Moon


So…. K-POP is a new thing and
despite being a pop, it actually


Following trends is hard,
tiring and deforming way to
stay relevant.

There are better ways.


Don’t fall into bazooka-hands footsteps! Less sell, more work!




We did it!
Took years (literally), but this project is finally over!


This project gave me a jazz hands
(still shaking)


BOI this game is excellent!


Uniqlo x Nintendo! At very least
I’m intrigued!


Damn I miss Shanghai (sometimes)


Almost there!


Changes are needed,
changes are good.


OMFG Nintendo Switch is here!!!


Happy V-Day!!! Soon, Zelda, soon!


Working on something for KFC. Secretly hoping to not to get paid in food ))


There is some serious Star Wars overdose going on here. Not good.


VR – so good so far!


Nice cat(ch)! Working on some stuff for NBA.